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Financial Aid
Office of Federal Student Aid, U.S. Department of Education

For those who need financial aid to help pay for college, it is important to complete the FAFSA - the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Anyone can fill out the FAFSA -- for free -- on the official government web site at Today’s FAFSA is simpler than ever! On average, it takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

In addition, many states and colleges use your FAFSA data to determine your eligibility for state and school aid, and some private financial aid providers may use your FAFSA information to determine whether you qualify for their aid.

To speed up the process, the Department's Office of Federal Student Aid (FSA) has penned a number of blog posts:

College Navigator Web site
The U.S. Department of Education's website for information about colleges and universities has been named by Money magazine as "the best first screen" for researching higher education institutions. Money notes that the website is not tied to any marketing department seeking students' personal information. It also credits the website for being one of the simplest to use and for providing a full set of the latest data on expenses, aid, enrollment, admission and graduation rates, majors, and more, along with a Google map pinpointing location.

TOP 10 Things I wish I would've known prior to College
If I Only Knew THEN, What I Know NOW

10 things high school students should know about or be able to do so they can get into and be successful in college. By Maritza T. Adonis
(pdf Download pdf)

College Board
College Board provides SAT registration with free sample questions, study guides, and information on local courses. It also provides guidance on how to find colleges, pay for them, and plan academic work to make student applications stronger.
Source: Education Week

Princeton Review
The Princeton Review offers SAT, ACT, and PSAT preparation guidelines including free practice tests and free events, along with registration for paid courses. It also includes other college-search advice and general guidance.
Source: Education Week

Common Application
The Common Application allows students to fill out a standard application and submit it electronically to as many member institutions (a total of 488) as desired. It also includes charts detailing deadlines and additional requirements of each member school.
Source: Education Week

Lumina Foundation
Lumina is an independent, private foundation committed to increasing the proportion of Americans who have high-quality, college-level learning. Our mission is defined by a specific goal: to increase the proportion of Americans with high-quality college degrees, certificates and credentials to 60 percent by 2025. Lumina’s outcomes-based approach focuses on helping to design and build an accessible, responsive and accountable higher education system while fostering a national sense of urgency to achieve this goal, known as Goal 2025.

Nursing Explorer
Our website offers information for students who are interested in learning more about nursing career and the different types of nursing education paths. We also offer information on nursing entrance exams, glossary, searchable nursing scholarships database, a directory of over 6,500 nursing programs and a lot more.

HackCollege is educating the students of the world about effective, open source software, putting techno-political arguments in everyday language, and creating a cult of “Students 2.0." Examples of helpful information found on HackCollege includes getting more out of your google search, how to write longer papers without working harder, and organizing your life for finals.
Need help in finding the graduate school that is right for you? Try this helpful site to assist you in narrowing your search. Resources on this page include everything from graduate school rankings to information on what life is like after your PhD.

College Programs

First Wave Spoken Word & Urban Arts Learning Community
University of Wisconsin-Madison

The First Wave Spoken Word and Urban Arts Learning Community is a cutting-edge multicultural artistic program for incoming students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Bringing together young artists and leaders from across the U.S., the First Wave offers students the opportunity to live, study, and create together in a close-knit, dynamic campus community. Administered by the Office of Multicultural Arts Initiatives (OMAI), the First Wave Learning Community is the first university program in the country centered on spoken word and hip-hop culture.

"This is more than a program. The First Wave is a family, a community, a movement." - Willie Ney, First Wave Executive Director

Master of Homeland Security
A Master of Homeland Security prepares students to work in the public and private sectors of security by teaching students leadership skills, how to implement security plans, and the role technology plays in modern security measurements. This website helps answer questions about a degree in homeland security and has search engines to help you find the program that best fits your needs.

College Scholarship and Grant Information
(Download PDF)

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Scholarship Programs

School Grants, College Scholarships, Financial Aid and More

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF)
(Scholarships for undocumented students)

Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund for Black Students
(College Students)

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority's Scholarships
(College Students)

Microsoft Scholarships for Undergraduates
(Specific programs for Women and Minorities)

Harry S. Truman Scholarships for Public Service (College Juniors)

National Association of Black Journalist Scholarships
(College Students - journalism majors)

Saul T. Wilson Scholarships for Veterinary Students

Actuarial Scholarships for Minority Students

Xerox Scholarships for Minority Students in Technical Fields

Siemens Foundation Scholarships for Minority Students and search "scholarships"

SIT Study Abroad Scholarships (College Students)

INROADS Internships for Minority Students

Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford

Opportunities for Minority Students in Health Services

Association of Latino Professionals in Finance & Accounting

United Negro College Fund/Merck Science Scholarships
(College Students)

American Geological Institute Minority Geoscience Scholarships
(College Students)

American Institute of CPA's Minority Scholarships/Fellowships
(College Students)

AT&T Labs Research Program for Women & Minorities in
Computer Science (PhD Students)

Development Fund for Black Students in Science & Technology
(College Students)

Tylenol Scholarship for Health Care & Life Sciences Students

National Institutes of Health Undergraduate Scholarships for
Research Careers (College Students)

Astronaut Scholarship Foundation for Science & Engineering
Students (College)

NACME Scholarships for Minorities in Engineering
(College Students)

American Psychological Association (APA) Scholarships and
Fellowships (College Students)

Search Tools/Listings for College Scholarships
(Download PDF)

Find Scholarships While Colleges Recruit You

Student Gateway to US Government Scholarship Info

Information on Athletic Scholarships

College Fund/UNCF Scholarship List

NAACP Scholarship Listings

Historically Black Colleges & University Scholarship Search

Student Gateway to U.S. Government Scholarship Information

School Grants Blog

Information on Tax Credits

American Opportunity Tax Credit

High School Scholarships
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Kohl's Cares Scholarship

Gates Millennium Scholarships for Minority Students

Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship for Minority High
School Students

Ron Brown Scholarship Program for African-American Seniors

Hispanic College Fund Scholarships

League of Latin American Citizens Scholarships

William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Minority
Students leadership-initiatives/hearst

Black Alliance for Educational Options School Choice
Scholarships (K-12)

Roothbert Scholarship Fund for Students from Eastern U.S.

Union Plus Scholarship for Union Workers' Families

Siemens Foundation Merit Scholarships for Employee Families

Rotary Scholarships for Study Abroad

QuestBridge College Prep and College Match (4 yr) Programs for Low-income Students

Federal McNair Scholars Program for Low-income or 1st Generation Students

Ronald MacDonald House Charities Scholarships

Coca-Cola Scholarships (2 and 4 year)

Discover Card Tribute Award Scholarship for High School Juniors

Intel Science Talent Search for High School Seniors

US Institute of Peace Essay Contest for High School Students

Americorps: Presidential Freedom Scholarship for High School

Providian Medical